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Choose the pricing plan that best fits your firm's research needs.  We offer reasonably-priced monthly subscriptions covering unlimited searching or fully transactional pricing where you pay only for the searches you run and documents you download.

No Long-Term Commitments
All agreements are month-to-month, so your firm is never locked into anything.  You can even change between subscription and transactional pricing at any time if your needs change.

Our Database is Always Up-to-Date
We update our database four times every day, so you always have access to all the most recent filings.  With many competitors' products, many cases haven't been updated for months - you'll never find that with Chapter 11 Dockets.

Chapter 11 Dockets is the most efficient, effective way to research bankruptcy cases and identify precedent.

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Search In Just One Case or
Search Multiple Cases Simultaneously

 Unlike PACER and other systems, Chapter 11 Dockets is one unified and standardized database of materials from all courts.

Find Relevant Cases Using Up to 14 Attributes

Chapter 11 Dockets codes each case with 14 separate attributes, allowing you to locate cases by factors such as the industry of the debtor, the size of the company or the professionals involved. 

Quickly Filter the Documents in Each Case

No more using the ‘Find’ feature in your web browser to try to find the one document that you need.  We code every document in our database and give you seven ways to filter document results.

Predictive Text Identifies Case Names Quickly

Find individual cases by either debtor name or bankruptcy case number.  When you search by debtor name, our system predicts the case that you are searching for and suggests the cases that match what you have entered thus far.   

All Usage Trackable by Client & Matter

Every account features full client-matter number tracking for all usage, so you can have the peace of mind that all billable usage will be matched to your clients.  Even set a required format so that all users have to enter client-matter numbers correctly before they can even log into the system.  Every user also has his or her own user name and password, so you can identify all usage by individual user as well as by client and matter.

What Do Users at Some of the Nation's Largest Law Firms Have to Say About Chapter 11 Dockets?

 “I thought I would let you know that Chapter 11 Dockets is very popular here and is gaining support just by word of mouth. Congratulations on creating a valuable product. I appreciate that you have designed this service with law firms in mind.”

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AmLaw 25 Law Firm

 “If I ever had any doubt, yesterday's conversation proved that the best person to design a product for lawyers is a lawyer who always had a hankering for the very product he invented. Nice work!”

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Explore More of Chapter 11 Dockets' Exclusive Features that Make Your Practice More Effective

 Adjust Your Document Filters at Any Point

As you review your search results, you can adjust your document filters throughout at no additional charge. Use filters to focus in on just the most relevant documents or adjust them to easily track the progression of an issue from motion to responses to an order.

Easily See How Many Relevant Documents Exist

To help you identify the cases that are most meaningful, our initial results screen shows you exactly how many documents in each case meet your document filtering criteria. Better yet, as you change your filters, these numbers automatically update.

Immediately Download Documents Rights From Our System

We acquire copies of all of the court filings directly from the courts' own systems, so the document that you get from our system is always exactly the same as the document you would get from the court.

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