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Sometimes, you just want to see what was filed today in the Energy Future Holdings bankruptcy - that's easy and you can quickly pull up just that docket in our system.  But sometimes you need to find that real "needle in the haystack" that you aren't sure even exists.  Our system lets you use up to 14 debtor attributes to identify the cases that are important to you and search them all simultaneously.  For example, who else lets you search using characteristics such as:

* Debtor Industry & Size (by Assets, Revenue or Employees)
* Presiding Judge
* Prepackaged & Prenegotiated Cases
Lead Debtor & Creditors' Committee Counsel

Better Docket Searching

Text searching docket descriptions means one thing - you aren't going to find everything that you need.  Chapter 11 Dockets independently reviews and tags each and every document on each and every docket with our proprietary information.  The result?  You can search our database by topical categories and document types - all specifically tailored to corporate bankruptcy terminology and research needs.

You know those random docket entries that just say "Objection to Motion filed by John Doe" - ever had to download the pleading just to see which motion it references?  We've already downloaded it and properly tagged the topic so you don't have to waste your time.

Who Uses Our Database?
Pretty Much Everyone.
Including Your Adversary.

The longer answer is that our customers play a major role in almost every major Chapter 11 case filed nationwide.  The list of cases where our customers were the lead counsel to the debtors and/or the creditors' committee includes some you might recognize, like all of those on the left...

A partial list of chapter 11 cases where our clients were lead counsel to the debtors and/or the creditors' committee:

Energy Future Holdings
Caesars Entertainment Operating Co.
Gawker Media

AMR Corp. (American Airlines)
MF Global Holdings Ltd.

General Growth Properties, Inc.
Eastman Kodak Company
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc.
AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc.
Buffets Restaurants Holdings, Inc.
Cengage Learning, Inc.
Charter Communications, Inc.
Chemtura Corporation
Circuit City Stores, Inc.
CIT Group Inc.
Coldwater Creek Inc.
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Dex One Corporation

... and dozens more

Over 3 Million Court Filings

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Because it was designed by experienced restructuring professionals & is chapter 11 specific in focus,
Chapter 11 Dockets is optimized for the unique needs of bankruptcy practitioners

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Find every relevant document - the first time.  Our proprietary tagging of every document helps you find the key documents fast.

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How much time are you wasting figuring out which cases to search?  With 14 ways to identify relevant cases, the needle in the haystack turns into 14 elephants in a clown car.

Over 2,000 Major Chapter 11 Cases

 “I thought I would let you know that Chapter 11 Dockets is very popular here and is gaining support just by word of mouth. Congratulations on creating a valuable product. I appreciate that you have designed this service with law firms in mind.”

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