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Don't pay for information that you don't need.  A la carte pricing means you only pay for the courts & cases you want.

Just The Facts

Our emails are the model of simplicity so you can find the facts you need and get on with your day.  Every email includes:
- Bankruptcy Court
- Debtor Name & Case Number
- Link to Download Petition*
- Direct Link to Docket Sheet*

* Requires PACER account (fees not included)

Goes Where You Go

All the information you need is right in easy-to-read emails.  No more trying to read Excel attachments on your iPhone.

Want More Details?

Our emails include direct links to open the petition or docket sheet in PACER (PACER fees not included).

Cheaper Than PACER

Just pulling a list of new cases from PACER can cost you $3.00 per day per court.  Our subscriptions only cost you $0.32 per day per court.

How Fast is Fast?

Since we rely on getting information about new case filings from the various bankruptcy courts across the country, the delay in reporting new cases will vary.  But here are some examples of how quickly our subscribers found out about recent large cases.

Seven MinutesAbengoa Bioenergy Company, LLC
(Bankr. E.D. Missouri)
Case Filed: 1:16 pm
Email Notification Sent: 1:23 p.m.

Seven MinutesParagon Offshore plc
(Bankr. D. Delaware)
Case Filed: 6:17 pm
Email Notification Sent: 6:24 p.m.

Bankruptcy Cases & Adversary Proceedings

Opportunities don't just present themselves in the form of new Chapter 9, 11 and 15 bankruptcy cases - there are great opportunities for investors and professionals created every day by the filing of new adversary proceedings.  

So, why aren't the reports that you are currently buying listing new adversary proceedings?  Good question.

We give you the option of including adversary proceedings filed in the courts that you are tracking.  Or to not include them, if you prefer just to see new bankruptcy case filings.  Your choice, as it should be.

We Search for New Cases
288 Times Per Day
(Every 5 Minutes, 24/7/365)

You Get an Email as Soon as We Identify a New Case Being Filed

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Access to All Courts We Cover

Court Coverage

We have access to near real-time data from all of the most active U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.  While the frequency of updating varies by court, we currently offer access to email notifications for new cases filed in Bankruptcy Courts for the following districts (listed alphabetically by state):

- Alabama (Middle, Northern & Southern)
- Alaska
- Arizona
- Arkansas (Eastern & Western)
- California (Central, Eastern, Northern & Southern)
- Colorado
- Connecticut
- Delaware
- District of Columbia
- Florida (Middle, Northern & Southern)
- Georgia (Northern)
- Hawaii
- Illinois (Central, Northern & Southern)
- Indiana (Southern)
- Iowa (Southern)
- Kansas
- Kentucky (Eastern & Western)
- Louisiana (Eastern, Middle & Western)
- Maine
- Massachusetts
- Michigan (Eastern)
- Minnesota
- Missouri (Eastern & Western)
- Nebraska
- Nevada
- New Hampshire
- New Mexico
- New York (Eastern, Northern, Southern & Western)
- North Carolina (Middle)
- North Dakota
- Ohio (Northern & Southern)
- Pennsylvania (Eastern, Middle & Western)
- Puerto Rico
- South Carolina
- South Dakota
- Tennessee (Eastern, Middle & Western)
- Texas (Eastern, Northern, Southern & Western)
- Utah
- Virginia (Eastern)
- Washington (Eastern & Western)
- West Virginia (Northern & Southern)
- Wisconsin (Eastern & Western)
- Wyoming

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Eight MinutesRepublic Airline Inc.
(Bankr. S.D. New York)
Case Filed: 4:19 pm
Email Notification Sent: 4:27 p.m.

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