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Our emails include direct links to open the petition or docket sheet in PACER.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Fast is Fast? 
Since we rely on getting information about new case filings from the various bankruptcy courts across the country, the delay in reporting new cases will vary.  But here are some examples of how quickly our subscribers found out about several large cases.

Abengoa Bioenergy Company, LLC
(Bankr. E.D. Missouri)
- Case Filed: 1:16 pm
- Email Notification Sent: 1:23 p.m.

Paragon Offshore plc
(Bankr. D. Delaware)
- Case Filed: 6:17 pm
- Email Notification Sent: 6:24 p.m.

Republic Airline Inc.
(Bankr. S.D. New York)
- Case Filed: 4:19 pm
- Email Notification Sent: 4:27 p.m.

4. Which Courts Do You Cover? 
We have access to near real-time data from all of the most active U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.  While the frequency of updating varies by court, we currently offer access to email notifications for new cases filed in Bankruptcy Courts for the following districts (listed alphabetically by state): 

Alabama (Middle, Northern & Southern); Alaska; Arizona;  Arkansas (Eastern & Western); California (Central, Eastern, Northern & Southern); Colorado; Connecticut; Delaware; District of Columbia; Florida (Middle, Northern & Southern); Georgia (Northern); Hawaii; Illinois (Central, Northern & Southern); Indiana (Southern); Iowa (Southern); Kansas; Kentucky (Eastern & Western); Louisiana (Eastern, Middle & Western);  Maine; Massachusetts; Michigan (Eastern);  Minnesota; Missouri (Eastern & Western); Nebraska; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Mexico; New York (Eastern, Northern, Southern & Western); North Carolina (Middle); North Dakota; Ohio (Northern & Southern); Pennsylvania (Eastern, Middle & Western); Puerto Rico; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee (Eastern, Middle & Western); Texas (Eastern, Northern, Southern & Western); Utah; Virginia (Eastern); Washington (Eastern & Western); West Virginia (Northern & Southern); Wisconsin (Eastern & Western); Wyoming

Coverage is subject to change without notice.

* Requires PACER account (PACER fees not included).
2. Does Everyone in My Firm Need His/Her Own Account? 
No.  Your account covers everyone at your company or firm.  On our signup page, you can add other email addresses that should receive email notifications.  Our only limitations are that all emails be business email addresses at the same firm (i.e., no Gmail, Yahoo, etc. email addresses) and that you will not republish, otherwise make publicly available, or distribute our emails to you or the contents thereof to individuals not employed by your company/firm without our prior express written consent (we probably won't consent, if you are wondering).

3. How Many Emails Will I Get? 
It depends on the day (how many new cases are filed), but most days you will get a lot of emails.  What many of our customers do to manage this (and what we recommend) is either:

- they set up a separate email address to receive the email notifications or
- they set up a rule in their email program to automatically file our notification emails to a specific folder.

5. Do You Guarantee That I Will Get Notifications Within a Certain Time? 
No, we do not make any guarantees regarding our service.  Our service relies upon data feeds that we receive from each bankruptcy court.  Therefore, the speed and accuracy of our notifications depends upon the speed and accuracy of those data feeds, which we do not control.  While we make our best efforts to provide notifications as quickly and accurately as we can, we do not guarantee that you will get notifications for every new case that is filed or that you will get each notification within a specific timeframe.